Chilmark selectmen took up a series of summer housekeeping items this week, approving the Chilmark Road Race, wrapping up harbor repair projects and reviewing advertising bylaws.

The selectmen approved the annual road race at their weekly meeting on Tuesday with one requirement: There must be more portable bathrooms throughout the course.

Scheduled for August 13 this year, the race begins at the intersection of Tea Lane and Middle Road, and ends at the Chilmark Community Center, the host of the long-running event. The number of registered runners is capped at 1,500.

Police chief Brian Cioffi said he requested more portable toilets for the middle of the course last year, but they were only stationed at the beginning and the end of the race. As a result, runners were relieving themselves on private property, the chief said.

Mr. Cioffi suggested more facilities and volunteers to advise runners of other stations if there was a line.

“I think that would be a simple solution,” the chief said. “We need to increase the number of port-a-potties.”

Community center spokesman Walter Epstein said he and organizers would work with the police department to come up with an improved plan.

Selectmen turned their attention to tidying up the harbor in preparation for a special celebration to mark the official opening of the new town dock in Menemsha. Selectman and board chairman Frank Fenner read off the punch list, which included removal of lobster pots, clearing remaining debris in the harbor from construction of the new dock, replacing loose boards, and weeding around the new pier.

“This list is from June 9, it should be done,” Mr. Fenner told harbor master Dennis Jason.

Mr. Jason said most of the work is done, and new floats and concrete blocks for the Hariph’s Creek dock are expected to be in by the end of the week.

The ceremony to mark the completion of the new dock following the July 12 fire a year ago begins at 5 p.m. Tuesday. Visitors are asked to park at the beach and walk to the dock for the event.

Selectmen also appointed Ian Bardwell as assistant wharfinger for the summer.

In other Menemsha business, selectmen firmly backed a town bylaw prohibiting businesses from using flags or sandwich boards to advertise wares or announce they are open. Menemsha Café owner Josh Aronie had put in a request to fly an “open” flag.

“We’re just not allowing it,” said Mr. Fenner, who owns the Galley Restaurant. “We’re trying to have a nice fishing village down there and the last few years I’ve seen a lot more sandwich boards on the street and more flag signs. I mean there’s only so many of us down there in business. We don’t need to put 100 flags up to say we’re here.”

Building inspector Leonard Jason Jr. agreed.

“I have never understood why they fly the flags saying they are open; they don’t fly it when they are closed,” he said.

The selectmen will hold a public hearing on Tuesday on revisions to a town ordinance on peddlers. The ordinance currently prohibits selling food from carts and trucks at town beaches; the revised ordinance would prohibit peddling other items as well as food.

The selectmen also approved a new storage unit for the Menemsha Crossroad fire station. Fire chief David Norton said the unit will be tucked away behind the station and hold foam, hoses and other equipment. The Chilmark Firemen’s Association is paying for the addition.