The folks at Cinema Circus are hosting another winter screening tomorrow, Saturday, Feb. 4, beginning at 5 p.m. at the Chilmark Community Center. The event includes food, activities and, of course, a series of short films. Earlier this week a screening was arranged with Madia Bellebuono, a young Island cineaste, to get the skinny on what’s good, great and not so much.

Splat the Cat

This film is an animation. Its main characters are Splat and Seymour the Mouse. Splat the Cat does not want to go to school, but then he likes it. There is a school and the characters are almost all cats (with one mouse). It makes me want to go to school more often! On a scale of 1 to 10, I would rate this film a 7. It was pretty funny!

The Curious Garden

There was a boy who loved to explore outside. One day he came upon a way to the railroad tracks. He saw some garden life and he took care of it very well. One day the garden went off exploring and now the garden is everywhere! This film makes me want to garden more and be outside and enjoy life. I would recommend this to other kids because it’s appropriate and it’s really good for learning how to garden.

Jillion Dillon

Jillion is a hippoplatypus and her friends are mean to her. So one day her friends build a boat out of hay and clay. The boat breaks and the platypus saves the day. This film makes me feel that if friends are in danger, you want to save them. You should always feel happy for what you are and enjoy your life. I would recommend this to other kids because it will help other kids know that it’s important to feel happy for other people.

Don’t Go

This was very funny — it was the funniest one and my favorite, and I watched it over and over again! A cat is eating very peacefully and a pink robot comes along and the cat starts chasing it. The robot goes into a music holder and changes the song and starts dancing to the music. Soon the cat comes and starts chasing the robot in circles. It’s a little pink robot with one eye, we keep seeing it go round and round without the cat chasing it. The cat got tired from going round and round. It was so funny because it actually played a real cat and it kept doing little dances. It made me want to play and get exercise and have fun with friends!

All the Cats

There is this baby carriage, and a cat gangster comes up and starts beat-boxing. The baby in the carriage stops crying and plays a maraca. All the cats, at night, come into a spot in a building and start beat-boxing and singing. This film made me feel that a lot of people should start doing music and enjoying it! It’s a very new type of music that you often don’t hear. I rate it a 10 because they use their mouths only and most people use instruments to make music.

New Digs

New Digs is where a hamster doesn’t like his falling-apart cage. So he gets out of it and goes out the window. As soon as he does, the girl comes in with a brand new cage! She sees that he is gone and starts looking for him. Soon she finds the hamster. When he tried to get back in, he took a vine and whacked into the window (ouch!). After that, he gets put back in the cage. As soon as he does, the girl reaches in and pets him and the hamster hugs her fingers. This is very cute for little kids and I think they’ll enjoy it.

Slap-back Jack High-5 Master

This film used real claymation to show Slap-back Jack, where there is a huge baseball game and Bub hits a grand slam. He gets back to home plate. He tries slapping and knuckle hitting to celebrate, but each time he did that his hands and knuckles slipped away. So his coach told him to go see Slap-back Jack High-5 Master. I get out of this film that you should always feel good for your teammates. It’s a really great film for little kids and how they should act. But there’s one thing that you should never do; hang your head and say you can’t do something.