Friday, May 31: Clear cloudless morning. The hottest day of spring. Unusually and unexpected warm morning. Temperature in the high 70s by 9 a.m. Temperature rises with the sun to 85 degrees. Hazy August skies. In late afternoon fog creeps in across an open field in West Tisbury. Damp. Fog horn sounds late at night.

Saturday, June 1: Light fog in the morning in Edgartown harbor. Not as hot. Beachgoers gather at Wasque under a warm summer-like sun. The air smells of salt spray. Large waves break a few hundred yards from shore. Breezy. Steady southwest wind. Flowering Mytoi Garden attracts many visitors. They watch dancers amid the flowers and flora. Freshwater ponds are powder-coated by pollen.

Sunday, June 2: Mostly cloudy. Breezy. In Vineyard Haven harbor a persistent southwest wind forces sailors to reef. Choppy. Skies break, some blue sky. Temperature reaches 71. Fishermen stand on the Big Bridge late in the afternoon, their backs to the wind, their faces pointed to Nantucket Sound.

Monday, June 3: Early morning rumble. Lightning lights the skyline. Thunderstorm brings quick heavy showers. Fog at dawn. Rain returns at 9:30 a.m. and continues well past noon. Short monsoon showers. Flooding at Five Corners. Rain again in the late afternoon. Cold front brings drier air.

Tuesday, June 4: Sunny. The air is dry. A light steady northwest wind dries clothes hanging from a Vineyard Haven clothesline. Construction underway at the new fish pier in Oak Bluffs. A large barge sits amid choppy waters. Perfect visibility across the Sound to Cape Cod.

Wednesday, June 5: A sunny still morning. Light breeze comes over Sengekontacket Pond. Cormorants line Sarson’s Island. Deep blue skies, with puffy clouds on the horizon.

Thursday, June 6: Bright and sunny. Temperature in the mid 60s. Increasing clouds are expected. The forecast is for light south wind.