Editors, Vineyard Gazette:

Two year ago, a good friend of mine invited me to join her on a trip to the family home on Martha ’s Vineyard. I happily agreed and instantly began envisioning what this Island experience would entail. I was expecting some bluish water and a few pretty little beach houses along a shore. As I boarded the ferry, an awestruck feeling came over me. Not the ferry itself, but the absolutely breathtaking, crisp blue water that rippled all around me. I bathed in sunshine and sea breezes on the way to the Island. I searched within myself to describe what my eyes were absorbing. Majestic. Martha’s Vineyard is a majestic piece of land. It is rich in history, filled with beautiful hydrangea bushes, riddled with eclectic stores, and wrapped in stunning cliffs of Aquinnah. Simply put, the Island took my breath away. I long for another trip where I can again bask in its beauty.

Angela Thompson

Alexandria, Va.