Has the Animal Shelter of Martha’s Vineyard been listed in the Best of the Vineyard? From the number of visitors walking through the doors lately, the shelter is the place to visit while on-Island. All the pets have been thriving on the human attention. Even Michael, the most reclusive of cats, has emerged from his hidey-hole to be admired. He has been joined in the cat room by Genevieve, a three-year-old tabby who has been an indoor cat throughout her life. She gets along with her housemates Viola, a young white female with distinctive black markings, and T.C., a lovely calico with a sweet temperament. Does anyone know what a mackerel tabby looks like? The markings on this cat, named Muffin, are unusual as is her voice — a squeak instead of a meow. Each of them would blossom with a personal petter.

The shelter is grateful to a 10-year-old violinist who has been playing on the street for the benefit of the homeless animals. This is the third year that Emilie Newsome has donated the money she makes from her artistry to the shelter. It is not small change, either. This year she brought in $500. Her three-year total is approaching $1,200. That’s a lot of kitty litter and cat food! Many thanks, Emilie.

The adoption of Roxy, the strawberry blond border collie-Australian shepherd mix, was never completed. She is now in foster care, still awaiting a forever home. If a potential owner wants to see her, an arrangement can be made for her return by calling the shelter and setting up an appointment to meet her.

A dog parade will take place on Sunday, August 11 in Ocean Park in Oak Bluffs to welcome Bo Obama and his people, the president, first lady and their children, Malia and Sasha, to the Island for their summer vacation. We do not expect the first family to show up at 6:30 p.m. for this occasion, but all dogs of whatever breed or political persuasion are invited to meet and greet each other.