Made in the U.S.A. That’s what I like to see. Somewhere on Island last summer I purchased two new plastic lawn chairs I desperately needed for my back deck. Got them home, they were so flimsy and weak I had to pile them on top of each other to hold anyone safely. So I got one chair for the price of two. I won’t tell you where they were made but the country is a five-letter word. I needed more chairs last week. Drove to Shirley’s Hardware. As I approached the outdoor furniture I saw a display of high- backed green plastic chairs that already looked stronger. My heart went pitty-pat when I saw a bright plastic American flag label, Made in the USA. I brought them home and don’t need to stack two together. Ah, for the old days!

The Mansion House continues with its custom of keeping us all well-informed. Instructor Jennifer Fragosa will lead a citizen CPR course for four sessions beginning August 13 at 6:45 pm. Each class is one hour long. The other dates are August 20, Sept. 10, and Sept. 17. I often renew my CPR and this is an important skill to have. Visit for more information. I’ll see you there.

The Martin and Gail Becker home is hopping. From the end of June into July, son Allan and his wife Shannon visited with their two daughters, CeCe, age five and Coley, age three. Now that’s an energetic bunch. They flew horses at the carousel, they beached, they did the Island things, you know. When they departed, 15-year-old Lilly arrived ahead of her folks because she is working mornings at Featherstone. Now 13-year-old brother Marty has joined her as well as parents David and Lee Salamoni from Springfield, Va. The whole family has great weather for sailing and beaching. Martin and Gail’s daughter, Shannon, will arrive from New York city for four days this weekend. After that a featured trumpet player of the Martha’s Vineyard Chamber Music Society will bring his wife. The couple from Florida will bunk — where else? — at Marty and Gail’s. Sounds like the senior Beckers need a vacation!

The Shaw Cramer Gallery features young artist Rob Hauck and his amazing abstracts beginning on August 13. Don’t miss it. In all things artistic the Martha’s Vineyard Savings Bank in Chilmark will delight you with Summer Dawn, a new exhibition of Jules Worthington’s work, from August 16 to August 23.

The Federated Church offers its annual house tour with historian Mary Jane Carpenter on Tuesday August 13. Meet in front of St. Andrew’s Church to purchase your $35 ticket. Mary Jane will speak first about what you will see, then lead you to the five houses. The tour lasts from 2 to 4:30 p.m. Iced tea, lemonade and cookies will await your return.

The Vineyard Haven Public Library has a bit of a change on next Tuesday. There will be no 10 a.m. story hour for the infants to two-year-old gang. Instead very talented Ellen Allard will lead the three and older set in a musical story hour at 11 a.m. Remember, all children under age eight must be accompanied by a grownup. On Wednesday August 14 children age eight and up will be provided with lanterns and paint to fix their own Illumination Night fun. Materials are first come, first serve. The program begins at 3 p.m.

While the West Tisbury library is being rebuilt, the Mother Goose on the Loose story hour comes to our library at 10:30 a.m. on Thursday, August 15. All kids from six months to three years are welcome. Thank you, West Tiz, for sharing your talent. On that same day kids age five and up are invited to our library at 3:30 p.m. to play games. Tape this to the fridge for all your summer guests and their wee ones. Take a nap while they are gone.

Confidential to Lyn K: If I didn’t mention it, get Lost Cat at the library. I have just finished a memoir by one of my favorite columnists, Pete Hamill. It is called A Drinking Life. Nonna and I whipped through No Easy Day. Now I’m reading Larry Leamer’s book The Price of Justice about greed and corruption in coal country. Unfortunately, a true story.

Anniversary bouquets go out to Bill and Deb Little on August 14.

The birthday bandwagon pulls along Sal Alfano, Vitor Mouzinho, and Riley Chalifoux today. August 10 is shared by Jennifer Benson and Annette J. Sandrock. August 11 smiles on Clare Ann Harrington and Linda Carroll. August 12 is a party for Emma Keppeler, Anne Breslin, Karen Kassius, and Sharon Robinson. August 14 is claimed by Katharine Poole. And on August 15 Carolyn Walters, Jarred Garde, Laura Hudson, Brooke Aubin, Leigh Smith, Uta Kloss and Patricia McNamara take the cake. Many happy returns.