A Chilmark town employee has been charged with allegedly stealing more than $1,000 from the beach department’s sticker sales office over the last two summers.

Kevin B. Walsh, 23, of West Tisbury, was arraigned in Edgartown district court on August 26 on a charge of larceny more than $250. The case was continued without a finding for a year in October 2013 after Mr. Walsh paid court fees and made restitution.

According to a police report filed in court by Chilmark police chief Brian Cioffi, Mr. Walsh worked in the town’s beach department sticker sales office. The police were called August 23 because town employees noticed both money and beach stickers missing. Town beach superintendent Martina Mastromonaco said she noticed the number of stickers sold did not match the inventory of stickers. The discrepancies allegedly are related to when Mr. Walsh was working.

About 10 stickers were missing, the police report said, representing about $1,400 in revenue.

Mr. Walsh allegedly told police that sometimes after he would sell a beach sticker for cash, he would void the sale and pocket the money.

During the summer, access to popular Chilmark beaches Lucy Vincent and Squibnocket is limited to residents who purchase a beach pass.

Mr. Walsh was ordered to stay away from the Chilmark town hall. A pretrial hearing was scheduled for Sept. 30.