You might be able to catch the turkey in a large Vari kennel. Put the food all the way back in it and face it away from you so he won’t see you when you reach over to close the door. It has side “windows.” Be sure he’s all the way in. You can be three feet away in plain view as long as you’re reading a book or something to convince him you are not interested in him. He will thrash around when he realizes he’s trapped, though. So I don’t know about the arrow. I caught three feral kittens this way in a 21 by 14 by 14 kennel.

Or you could put a roasting pan out in the open with food in it. Read a book against a very near tree. When he’s well engrossed in eating, step forward and try to pull the arrow out. If it doesn’t come out easily, let it go. Don’t twist it like a corkscrew. Have an old-fashioned broom near to keep him at bay if he gets mad.

Bonnie Green
Atlanta, Ga.