Nat Benjamin and his schooner Charlotte took first place in the 26th annual Pat West Gaff Rig and Schooner Race, which took place Sept. 13.

Charlotte was one of 18 boats entered in the race, with the boats ranging in size from 18 feet to 65 feet long. Sail Martha’s Vineyard Director Brock Callen manned the race committee boat, and the race started at 11 a.m. off East Chop.

With the fastest corrected time, Mr. Benjamin and Charlotte won the Ingrid Robinson Memorial Trophy. Robert Soros’ schooner, Juno, received the Zeb Tilton Prize for being the first schooner across the finish line. Jeff Craig’s Corineus received first place for the fastest corrected time for a gaff rigged sloop.

Gannon and Benjamin’s 60 foot schooner Rebecca also raced, skippered by Ross Gannon. This made for a reunion of three Gannon and Benjamin schooners, Juno, Rebecca and Charlotte.

The top 10 finishers were Charlotte, Nat Benjamin, 13:00:00; Corineus, Jeff Craig, 13:02:00; Phra Luang, Jeff Robinson, 13:07:45; Zena, Skip Richheimer, 13:08:00; Juno, Scott DiBiaso, 13:09:00; Wonder, Woody Bowman, 13:10:00; Perception, Jamie Weissman, 13:12:50; Rebecca, Ross Gannon, 13:13:00; Malabar II, Jim Lobdell, 13:15:50; Celeste, Steve Clearman, 13:16:00.