Edgartown is in the midst of a banner year for bay scallops. The bottom of Cape Pogue Pond is in parts paved with them. And after the first big ocean storm of the year, the shore of Cape Pogue Pond was also full, the large waves piling up thousands of scallops at The Gut and John Oliver Point.

The golden treasure of fall, bay scallops can be pricey. — Mark Lovewell

Edgartown shellfish deputy Warren Gaines said a core crew went out to harvest well over 30 bushels of scallops on the shoreline using pickup trucks and rakes. Most of the bay scallops were given to the local shuckers with a stipulation. Mr. Gaines said that the cutters were given half of the load if they would shuck the other half for seniors.

Last Friday and again on Monday, packages of bay scallops were delivered for distribution to The Anchors, the Edgartown Council on Aging.

Donny Benefit, a member of the shellfish committee, helped rally the group, and made the phone calls. He also donated the packaging.

“Donny asked me if I would do it and I thought it was a good program,” said Thomas Teller, one of the shuckers. “I’m not as fast as I used to be, but this was a great idea. So for a couple of days I cut scallops.”

Shuckers and senior center staff participate in scallop distribution. — Mark Lovewell

Mr. Gaines noted that bay scallops are pricey in the store, and people on fixed incomes might not otherwise have the opportunity to eat them. “We know that for some, these are the only bay scallops they are going to eat this winter,” he said. “When there is a windfall of scallops in town, there is a longstanding feeling of sharing."

The effort resulted in the preparation of close to 100 servings.

Paul Mohair, administrator at the senior center, said: “Among all councils on aging, we run a food surplus program. We know those seniors who are the most needy and they’ll get some. They come first. We’ve got a good batch of bay scallops and we will deliver to those who can’t come and pick them up.”

Mr. Benefit said the effort came together quite easily, as this is a town that has done this before. There is a history of providing free bay scallops to seniors, especially this time of year, when the holidays are approaching. And there’s no worry about re-gifting. Bay scallops always fit.