Richard Treitman and Louise Treitman purchased 14 Trails End Road in Chilmark from David Dolinsky and Sandra Dolinsky for $2,100,000 on Jan. 30.


Stephen F. Arcano and Anne Sargent Arcano purchased 8 Noras Lane in Edgartown from Noras Meadow LLC for $720,000 on Jan. 29.

Vivek Kushwaha and Anne Kushwaha purchased 113 South Water street in Edgartown from Joshua M. Flanders, TRS, Christopher C. Flanders, TRS, and Patricia R. Flanders 2009 Trust for $1,900,000 on Jan. 29.

20 South Summer LLC purchased 20 South Summer street in Edgartown from Carbon LLC, Nog LLC, and Carol A. Lattman for $2,550,000 on Jan. 30.

Roundabout Holdings LLC purchased 10 Codman Spring Road in Edgartown from Tara Capuano for $840,000 on Jan. 30.

HHC One Massasoit LLC purchased 94 Peases Point Way South in Edgartown from Philip H. Deford and Sheila Ann Cosgrove for $1,300,000 on Jan. 30.

Thomas A. Denicola Jr. and Rebecca M. Denicola purchased 5 Windsor Drive in Edgartown from Jo-Ann Taylor for $425,000 on Jan. 29.

Oak Bluffs

Michael Metcalf Chapman, TRS, and Michael Metcalf Chapman 2006 Revocable Trust purchased 41 Dudley avenue in Oak Bluffs from Terrance P. Riley, TRS, and JNC Trust for $264,000 on Jan. 26.

Linda G. Mason purchased 21 Kennebec avenue, unit 4, in Oak Bluffs from Irene Rasmussen, TRS, and Unit No. 4 21 Kennebec Condominium Realty Trust for $456,000 on Jan. 29.

Irene Rasmussen, TRS, and Unit No. 4 21 Kennebec Condominium Realty Trust purchased 61C Ocean avenue in Oak Bluffs from Mark E. Baumhofer for $436,800 on Jan. 29.

Martin D. Leach and Ezia M. Leach purchased 79 Pennacook avenue in Oak Bluffs from Helen P. Maciolek and Keith A. Maciolek for $535,000 on Jan. 30.

Vineyard Haven

Jarret F. Brissette purchased 109 Franklin Terrace in Vineyard Haven from Peyton Wallace for $530,000 on Jan. 30.

Theodore S. Jick, TRS, and Noahs Ark Realty Trust purchased 13 Reynolds Lane in Vineyard Haven from Maryellen Zieziula for $649,000 on Jan. 30.