The Martha’s Vineyard Airport Commission remains in a state of limbo amid a procedural dispute over authority to call a meeting and ongoing uncertainty about the recent seating of three new commissioners.

A meeting scheduled for March 27 was cancelled by airport manager Sean Flynn, after a leading state aviation official questioned three new recent appointments to the airport commission.

Another meeting called for this week never made it to the public notice posting stage.

Last month the administrator for the Massachusetts Department of Transportation Aeronautics Division challenged the appointment of three new commissioners by the Dukes County Commission. In a strongly-worded letter to the county commission, Aeronautics Division administrator Christopher Willenborg said any action taken by the airport commission could be invalid. The county commission fired back with its own letter, citing its legal authority to appoint airport commissioners.

The airport commission has not met since February.

On Monday, airport commissioner Christine Todd, who also sits on the county commission, asked Mr. Flynn to post notice of a meeting she wanted to schedule for Thursday, April 9. “The commission is anxious to meet as soon as possible,” Ms. Todd told the Gazette by telephone. “It’s rather unfortunate that so much energy and money is being put into perpetuating this drama. It’s getting in the way of having the best airport we could possibly have.”

She said the first order of business for the new commission is to elect a chairman, vice chairman, and set the agenda for future business of the commission.

But after consulting with airport commission attorneys, Mr. Flynn declined to call the meeting.

“At this point there is nothing that has been presented to me that needs immediate attention,” Mr. Flynn told the Gazette. “It’s not worth the risk to unwind a bunch of decisions if we don’t truly know what the makeup of the board is.”

Mr. Flynn said only he and the airport commission chairman have the authority to call or cancel meetings. He said that authority is established in state laws and court decisions that govern the airport commission. The previous chairman, Constance Teixeira, was not reappointed following more than a year of rancor and legal action between the two commissions.

On Tuesday, Ms. Todd sent an email to Mr. Willenborg seeking clarification.

“I have tried to schedule a meeting of the commissioners and have been met with resistance by the manager of the airport who is unwilling to post a meeting, pending your response to the Dukes County Commission,” she wrote in an e-mail. “There is much work to be done at the airport and we are anxious to begin to serve the airport community in our full capacity, as we have been so appointed.

In the past year, the county commission has replaced all but one of the seven airport commission members with new appointees.