Lawrence J. Glick and Holly F. Glick purchased 49 Bijahs Way and 64 Old Farm Road in Chilmark from Daniel Rabinovitz, TRS, Frieda Rabinovitz, TRS, and Bijahs Way Nominee Trust for $1,150,000 on May. 1.


Brian Daniel Jones, TRS, Pamela Elane Stevens Jones, TRS, and Brian and Pamela Jones Revocable Trust purchased 12 Llewellyn Way in Edgartown from Joseph B. Feeks and Susanne J. Feeks for $1,110,000 on April 28.

Brian M. Meany and Victoria W. Meany purchased 15 Clevelandtown Road in Edgartown from Sally Taylor fka Sally A. Ryan for $2,050,000 on April 30.

Oak Bluffs

38Bayview LLC purchased 38 Bay View avenue in Oak Bluffs from Miriam S. Gonzalzles and Armand Gonzalzles for $550,000 on April 30.

Valmir Teixeira Barbosa purchased 131 Washington avenue in Oak Bluffs from Joseph P. Maribito and Lorie Maribito for $409,000 on May 1.

Terri Lee Hakala purchased 39 Norris avenue in Oak Bluffs from John P. Weston for $445,000 on May 1.

Vineyard Haven

Robert J. Soltz purchased 134 Franklin Terrace in Vineyard Haven from Jessica L. Barker and Tyler Johnson for $410,000 on April 30.

West Tisbury

John H. Kennedy and Jane Seagrave purchased 43 Duck Pond Road in West Tisbury from Bencion Moskow, TRS, and Moskow Family Realty Trust-West Tisbury for $1,050,000 on April 30.

Elizabeth A. Billowitz and Stephen C. Snyder purchased 8 Manaquayak Road in West Tisbury for $720,000 on April 30.

Rosemarie Ovian, TRS, and 2006 Ovian Family Trust purchased 15 Music street in West Tisbury from Peter M. Cook, TRS, John W. Cook, TRS, Christopher Hennessey, TRS, and Paul W. Cook Jr. 1996 Trust for $880,000 on May 1.