I had started this week’s column with we need rain, but as I sit here the sound of rain is bouncing off the windows. However, I said nothing about the heat and now it is in the 40s and lower 50s. I am so glad I did not get out my summer clothes this past weekend.

Happy Birthday to all who celebrated their day this past week. Big balloons go out to Finlee Callen and Aneanna Leavitt, who celebrated their day on May 31; Isabella Silva on June 1; Jonathan De Oliveira and Kyle Levy on June 2; Kaleb Hatt, Desiree London and Engracia Scheller on June 3; Savanna Reed on June 4; and Wyatt Belisle who celebrates his day today June 5.

Last weekend was the Relay for Life. It was great weather and there were many people young and old who walked many laps for a great cause. There was laughter, there were tears, but most of all there was support. A lot of survivors did their lap proudly and gratefully, and there were some who are still fighting their battle but filled with hope.

One of the survivors has battled cancer for eight years and throughout those years she has had chemo and radiation, and she is still fighting. But when I was walking with her she told me that the best thing you can do is get up every morning and keep fighting, take a walk as far as you can, and take a breath of the fresh air and be thankful you are still here. You go girl and keep up the fight!

While we were doing laps there was a group of young men walking the track with backpacks looking very determined. I later found out they were taking part in Carry the Fallen, an organization that does a lot for a very serious issue. Please take a minute to check out their website. If there is one in your area, please consider taking part in a march and/or donating to this cause. We lose 22 of our veterans a day to suicide. That is 22 too many. The website is activeheroes.org/carry-the-fallen.

On Facebook this weekend, there were many pictures of adults and kids of all ages at Wasque catching bluefish. It brings back many memories of my Dad and his gold Scout packed up and going out there, and Ralph and I getting in on the action too. It is like an annual event when the bluefish return to Wasque.

If you love to play with Legos but you need an excuse to play with them, tomorrow, June 6, is your chance to take your child or a friend’s child and go to the Edgartown Library from 2 to 4 p.m. It is for ages four to whatever.

I now have a new deadline for this column so if you would like me to put something in, I need the news by Sunday night, Monday afternoon at the very latest. Please and thank you.

Have a great week and keep the home candles burning.

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