We got some much needed rain, and some thunder and lightning. Now we have a little muggy weather. Summer has arrived.

Happy birthday to all who celebrated their day this past week. Big balloons go out to Lauren Boyd and Raven McCormack, who celebrated June 20, Asher Savva, June 21, Carlos Arellano and Isabelle Murphy, June 23, Elizabeth Pate, June 25, and to Amber Cuthbert and Isabella Vasiliadis, who celebrate their day today, June 26.

Special birthday wishes go out to Jan Norton who celebrated her day June 20. I think in the past 35 years I have gotten her birthday correct maybe twice; okay maybe three times. I know it is June but I always remember at the end of the month. So happy birthday Jan. Let me see how well I do next year.

Get well wishes go out to Ella Blodgett and Camden Townes who both have their right arms in slings. Ella was at the bike rodeo at the school this past weekend and was riding her bike and she fell, got back on her bike and participated in the rest of the games. When she got home she told her parents that her arm still hurt and after the E.R. she has a sprain but has to check with the doctor.

Camden was at her dance rehearsal and fell and broke her arm in two places. Her dad Dan reported that she was a trooper through the whole ordeal. Ella and Camden are in the same class and now, unfortunately, they will be sitting on the sidelines for the end of school games, but I am sure the two of them will make the best of a sad situation. But we wish them well so they can enjoy their summer.

I think we are all in disbelief that next week is the Fourth of July. The people are certainly arriving and the traffic is higher in volume and the lines at the Stop & Shop are growing no matter how many registers they open. So now we all have to prepare to wait and leave for work a little earlier.

Ryan and Michelle Mundt and their daughter Lina were here for the weekend. Grammy Patty Mundt was so happy to spend time with them and they found some time for the beach, which Lina loved and her little feet loved the sand. They all had a great time and I know Patty didn’t want it to end.

Have a great week and keep the home candles burning.

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