I am sitting here listening to the weather reports saying we will be getting two to four inches of rain and high winds. By the time you read this I sure hope it will be over. We really need the rain but we don’t need it all at once.

Happy birthday to all who celebrated their day this past week. Big balloons go out to Victor DeSouza who celebrated his day Sept. 26; Ethan Creato and Brendan Donnelly, Sept. 27; Ellie Dolby, Sept. 28; Conor Beeson, Sept. 29; Samanta Morgnerova and Jax Trott, Sept. 30; Keiry Foncseca, Oct. 1; and to Haily Smith who celebrates her day today, Oct. 2.

Special birthday wishes go out to Cathy Bettencourt who celebrated a milestone birthday on Sept. 25. Cathy had many surprises by her friends but the best surprise was given by her husband Kenny, their daughter Amber and cousin Nicole. Cathy was coming out the door at the SSA and who was waiting for her — her Mama Joyce Costa. The three of them had arranged for Joyce to fly up from Florida and be a part of Cathy’s party. Cathy of course was very happy and very surprised and said it was her best present. Happy Birthday Cathy and here is to many more, and welcome to the Over the Hill Gang.

Now that it is football season, everyone has places to go. Either to a friend’s house, Sharky’s or just staying home. I like to go to the “Shed.” It is Pam Dolby’s husband shed and he always says no women in the shed or animals. But we always just look at him and laugh. But, it is the rule against animals that made me laugh this past weekend.

I arrived late because I was working and I did not notice the duck that was sleeping behind me. There was another couple there that had brought their little Pomeranian dog who was about three inches smaller than the duck. I heard Pam’s husband say watch the the dog with the duck, named Glen after Glen Searle. Well, the dog woke the duck up and needless to say the duck scared the dog.

My curiosity got to me as I knew the Dolbys did not own the duck, and soon found out it was Pam’s brother Scott Morgan’s. I asked why he was there and Pam said he didn’t go home with Scott and Manny, Scott’s English bulldog.

It seems that Manny and Glen are best friends, at least by the duck’s standard. When Manny arrived with Scott to take Glen home, Glen was very excited to see his friend. He followed Manny all around the yard through the shed and then down the path to go home.

I have to say I was so enthralled watching them that I didn’t even take a picture. I’m not sure how Manny feels about the duck always picking at his tail, but I think he loves his little duck.

Have a great week and keep the home candles burning.

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