A manager at the upscale Vineyard Haven store Midnight Farm has been charged with allegedly stealing thousands of dollars worth of merchandise while employed at the store.

Karen Singer, 66, of West Tisbury, was arraigned Oct. 23 in Edgartown district court on Feb. 1 charges of larceny more than $250 by single scheme, shoplifting more than $100 by asportation, and larceny more than $250; an April 7 charge of false creation or use of a sales receipt; and an Oct. 21 charge of possessing a class E drug (Xanax).

According to a police report filed in court, Midnight Farm co-owner Tamara Weiss came to believe that Ms. Singer had been stealing from the store for about two years.

The police report said Ms. Singer allegedly stole merchandise through a variety of means, including putting items on layaway with minimal down payment, giving herself substantial discounts and then closing out the sale, and ordering items for the store that were shipped to her own home. The police report said Ms. Singer also allegedly took items out of inventory, would clock in on days the store was closed, would ring transactions using another employee’s name, and would sell her personal products through the store during the day. The report also said she would sometimes allegedly purchase items in cash and the cash drawer would be missing money.

Ms. Singer allegedly returned five bags containing stolen items after she was fired, with the recovered items totaling $7,419, police said. Items listed by police include a $489 duvet cover, an $834 handbag and a $500 scarf.

According to the police report, store owners believe Ms. Singer stole items worth thousands of dollars more during her time at the store.

A pretrial hearing is scheduled for Nov. 30.