In an article in last week’s Gazette on Page Five, there was a reference to “Lieutenant” Jonathan Searle. I thought finally the town had gotten it right. Upon congratulating Jonathan, it turned out sadly to be an error. Many of us know he is one of the most qualified men on the force. His father George was our respected chief, in a day when community policing was prevalent. My father in law Peter Williamson, longtime Oak Bluffs chief, set the standard for community policing. These men exuded loyalty and integrity but also common sense. It was that integrity that prevented George from practicing the nepotism that would have paved the way for Jonathan’s path to the chief post. Instead, Jonathan earned the respect of the people of Edgartown with his years of policing, demonstrating that integrity and common sense learned from his father.

I recently had reason to seek assistance from the police force. I never considered going through channels. I went right to Jonathan. I knew I could trust his ability to not only solve the situation but handle it in a professional manner. I was not disappointed.

I am among the many Edgartownians that feel that your article reference to his rank was prescient to what should be — but alas not what is.

John S. Moffet