George Stabler Loening and Holly Kimbrough Towles purchased Black Point Beach, lot 46 from Morton M. Rosenberg and Shirley S. Rosenberg, trustees of Shirley S. Rosenberg Nominee Trust, for $315,000 on March 28.


Elizabeth R. Whelan and William Benns 4th purchased 9 Sampson avenue in Edgartown from Richard R. Dimond Sr. and Judith A. Dimond, trustees of Dimond Realty Trust, for $537,500 on March 31.

Mer-Sea LLC purchased 1 Jordan Way in Edgartown from MRK Mullen Realty LLC for $2,865,437.37 on March 31.

Oak Bluffs

Therese Fleming purchased 15 Pequot avenue in Oak Bluffs from Alice N. Jamison for $775,000 on March 27.

Jan Campbell, trustee of Jan Campbell 2017 Living Trust, purchased 7 School House Village in Oak Bluffs from Kathleen J. O’Neil and Mary Jo Kane for $720,525 on March 30.

Danwen LLC purchased 7 Oakland avenue in Oak Bluffs from Lisa Kusinitz, trustee of Stewart R. Kusinitz Trust, for $860,000 on March 31.

Joao M. Roriz and Eleni J. Roriz purchased 24 Tiffany Drive in Oak Bluffs from Diane Estrella and Clifford Estrella, trustees of DCE Realty Trust, for $375,000 on March 31.

Vineyard Haven

Kimberly Kirk and Sean Mulvey, trustees of 169 Clover Hill Nominee Trust, purchased 169 Clover Hill Drive in Vineyard Haven from Neil L. Franklin for $580,000 on March 27.

Daniel Doyle and Sara Dingledy purchased 158 Lake street in Vineyard Haven from Barbara L. Bodin for $712,000 on March 28.

Thomas Baker Jr. purchased 11 Hvoslef Way in Vineyard Haven from Timothy Flaherty and Beth M. Flaherty for $437,500 on March 28.

Dragan Sindrakovski and Ana Ilievska purchased 30 Renear street in Vineyard Haven from Marc T. Rogers and Cheryl A. Rogers for $540,000 on March 29.

West Tisbury

Andrew Patrick Doyle and Julia Gleason Doyle purchased 6 Four Way in West Tisbury from James Irving Hendrickson Jr., trustee of James Irving Hendrickson Jr. Revocable Trust, and Debra Sue Hendrickson, trustee of Debra Sue Hendrickson Revocable Trust, for $765,000 on March 31.

Matthew B. Farlie and Mary J. Farlie purchased 170 Fairfield avenue in Vineyard Haven from Joseph Doherty and Maryann Doherty for $495,100 on March 31.