This is a particularly pleasant time of year for me. The ferry traffic has quieted down. There are many fewer critters in the air, on the land and in the water that want to bite you. The cooler, dry weather is a nice change from the hot, humid summer that we just had. The trees are turning all sorts of bright colors and there is the smell of wood smoke in the air.

I don’t roam around Chappy as much as I used to in the line of duty while I was on the fire department. I can go weeks without having a reason to even drive past the firehouse, so I have to make a point of paying a visit to the bluffs at the end of the road at Wasque. I’m always glad for taking time out to appreciate that part of Chappy. The sea out there is full of ducks, geese and loons. There are still gangs of shore birds rushing up and down the beach. The ocean and clouds have a wintertime look about them. Muskeget Island isn’t obscured by heat waves. Sometimes the air has a salty bite to it.

The beach at the very southeast corner of Chappy at Wasque Point is drivable and is still growing wider. Driving to town by the beach is a pretty dependable choice as long as there aren’t big waves washing over the low areas of Norton Point during high tide. Superintendent Chris Kennedy advises that you be aware that the beach ahead of you may be over-washing and to be prepared to wait for the tide to recede or turn around and go back. Over the next few months the condition of the outer beaches will change daily.

There is a dead whale part way along the south side of Norton Point beach. From on top of the bluff next to the Wacks house I could see the whale oil slick emanating from it. Lucky for us, it’s 50 degrees outside instead of 80 and that the winds have been offshore recently.

The Martha’s Vineyard Refuse District will be receiving hazardous household waste on Saturday, Nov. 18 from 9 a.m. to noon at their facility on the West Tisbury-Edgartown road. Check the website for particulars regarding what types of materials they will and won’t accept.

The next Chappaquiddick Community Center potluck dinner will be hosted by Leslie Floyd on Wednesday, Nov. 15. Appetizers begin at 6 p.m. with the dinner line starting at 6:30 p.m.. Please bring a dish of your choice to serve six.

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