Oak Bluffs selectmen ordered two dogs euthanized Tuesday evening, after hearing testimony from a family whose dog was mauled.

The female pit bulls owned by Hillary Seaton of 23 Worcester avenue and her daughter Kaitlyn Seaton have been the subject of numerous police reports in the past three years.

On Nov. 24, the dogs escaped the Seaton home and attacked the dog of a neighbor, John Stevenson. In testimony taken under oath, selectmen heard numerous accounts from neighbors about other frightening encounters with the dogs.

“There’s a tremendous pattern here that is really not acceptable,” said Kathy Burton, chairman of the selectmen. “There’s a vicious dog situation, and the dogs that are constantly running around the neighborhood. That is not acceptable.”

Mr. Stevenson and his daughter Kasey described the recent attack and said they have suffered nightmares and flashbacks since it happened.

“My dog did not deserve this, and I don’t either. Enough is enough,” said. Mr. Stevenson, who was also bitten during the attack.

“I don’t want those dogs in my neighborhood, nobody feels safe, said Kasey Stevenson. “I don’t want to be scared to walk down this street.”

Animal control officer Patty Grant recommended to the board that the two dogs be humanely euthanized, and the board voted unanimously to accept that recommendation.

Selectman Greg Coogan addressed the dog owners directly.

“I think what we see in this case is you’ve taken on very difficult dogs, and you’ve become prisoners to those dogs,” said Mr. Coogan. “You won’t see that today, tomorrow, but eventually I think you’ll see that getting out of that prison is a better life.”

Animal control officers said they planned to take the dogs immediately after the Tuesday evening meeting and hold them at the town pound until they can be humanely euthanized.

Following a short break after the emotional hearing, selectmen took up the rest of the agenda.

The board appointed Deborah Potter to a three-year term as town accountant.

Selectmen also renewed liquor licenses for Sharky’s Cantina, the Ritz, M.V. Chowder Company, Holy Ghost Association, Linda Jean’s, the V.F.W., M.V. Bowl, Our Market, Park Corner, Slice of Life, Ocean View, Tony’s Market, Offshore Ale and Jim’s Package Store.

Selectmen extended bar hours for New Year’s Eve, making last call at 1:30 a.m., with all patrons off the premises by 2 a.m.

Finally, selectman approved shellfishing dates for Oak Bluffs harbor. The harbor will open to recreational shellfish permit holders on Saturday, Dec. 16, and to commercial permit holders on Monday, Dec. 18.