The collapse of Vineyard Youth Tennis’s bubble structure during a northeaster earlier this month has added a new complication in the proposed merger between the organization and the YMCA.

“This adds another element of terms of what our capabilities are,” Vineyard Youth Tennis board chairman Christopher Scott told the Gazette Wednesday.

The organization began exploring the possibility of a merger with the YMCA following the announcement that it’s sole benefactor would no longer be able to fund the program. After contributing some $12 million to the organization, Gerald DeBlois announced he will discontinue his funding after this summer. That left organization leaders searching for alternatives to continue offering free tennis instruction to Island youth as it has for 20 years.

A merger with the YMCA would require approval from the town of Oak Bluffs and the Martha’s Vineyard Commission. In preliminary talks, the two organizations discussed allowing adults to use the tennis facilities as a way to offset free lessons for children.

The bubble covered two courts and allowed for indoor tennis year round. Since it collapsed, Vineyard Youth Tennis has been using indoor courts at Airport Fitness.

Mr. Scott said the organization will have to take a step back and reassess how they plan to continue to offer tennis instruction to Island children.

YMCA director Jill Robie-Axtell said discussions with Vineyard Youth Tennis were not over. “Any time two organizations are wanting to come together, there are things you have to address, and this is just one other thing,” she said. “It happens to be kind of a major thing.”

She added: “When you have a major part of your facility suddenly gone unexpectedly, that makes both parties suddenly reexamine where you are.”

Mr. Scott estimated that replacing the bubble could cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. He said merger or no merger, Vineyard Youth Tennis is here to stay.

“Our primary goal is to create the best situation for Island kids and to continue the legacy of Vineyard Youth Tennis,” he said.