A Martha’s Vineyard Regional High School student was arrested Monday after he was found on school grounds in possession of marijuana and pellet guns, according to Oak Bluffs police.

Gabriel Nascimento, 18, of West Tisbury was taken into custody on charges of possession of what police called a substantial amount of marijuana edibles, sometimes associated with medical marijuana. Police will seek a charge of intent to distribute marijuana. Oak Bluffs police are not seeking weapons charges at this time.

“It was a bunch of marijuana candy bars and gummies,” said Oak Bluffs police detective Jeffrey LaBell. “He was brought into the police station for questioning, and then arrested. It all unfolded this morning.”

Police said there were no threats or immediate danger associated with the pellet weapons, which were found in a subsequent search of Mr. Nascimento’s vehicle.

According to the school’s student handbook, possession of a controlled substance with intent to distribute is subject to an immediate 10-day suspension, pending a hearing on exclusion from school.

The handbook calls for the same sanctions if a student possesses weapons at the school, but the handbook does not clarify separate or specific policies for pellet guns, or highly realistic “replica” weapons

In a statement, Martha’s Vineyard Regional High School principal Sara Dingledy said the pellet guns would fall under the category of weapons.

“Generally, weapons are considered any instrument that can do significant harm to another student — BB gun, knife, razor, etc.,” Ms. Dingledy said in the statement.

She said she had no immediate update on suspensions related to the Monday morning incident.