It’s just not right when Easter is early and winter refuses to let go. Most years, Palm Sunday is the day when folks freshen up those window boxes and pots with some forced bulbs and pansies. The nurseries did not even stock them this year until Holy Week. I bought some adorable Tete-a-Tete daffodils and some four-inch pots of hyacinths. I tucked some six packs of violas here and there.

Then, on Monday we had an impressive snowfall. The plants looked beautiful and somewhat sad poking through the white covering. I did enjoy looking out the window at them with a pair of cardinals fighting for dominance of the bird feeders.

I’m not a fan of raw spinach. I hate what it does to my teeth. I do however have quite a bit ready for picking in the hoophouse along with some nice lettuce. I briefly sauteed the spinach in olive oil and balsamic vinegar and dumped it onto my salad. Yummy.

I transplanted some collards from seeding trays right out in the open ground. I am happy to report that the snow did not bother them in the least.

My colleague, Abigail Higgins, mentioned in her column last week about transplanting beets. I plan to do so this coming week. I’ve had success in the past plus not one of their little lives was in vain. I cannot bear thinning them.

Carrots, however, never take kindly to this treatment. I’ve tried. They will develop forked roots as a result.

I seeded some coleus, begonias and petunias on the propagating mat. It better warm up soon as I dare not take them off the mat on these chilly nights.

A packed church met on Saturday to celebrate the life of Peg Goodale. She and Jerry have been my next door neighbors for more than 40 years. There is no way anyone could be blessed with better ones.

While we were in Grace Church I mentioned to son, Jeremiah, that the beautiful blue on the walls was the color people often used on the ceilings of porches. He, being the king of trivia, said it was originally used to trick bees into thinking it was sky so they wouldn’t build nests.

The front of the church had enormous bouquets of tulips in pastel colors. Just lovely.

Speaking of tulips, only the early species varieties and the Darwins come back year after year reliably. Then, of course, one day of neglect with the Bobex sprayer leads to disaster. The deer love them. Little jerks.

I made it through about 10 minutes of the remake of Roseanne. I remembered I did not like it then and really didn’t like it now. It’s hard enough being in a family and the world without being mean on purpose. It was all over the news the next day about how it spoke for the white working class who have been maligned by the so-called coastal elites.

I’d like to mention, I’m white and I work. Granted, I do wear Birkenstocks and have an occasional cappuccino. Oh, and I also would like a president who is smarter than I am. Kind of like a brain surgeon, I want someone qualified for the job before I get on the table.

Oh, wait there’s more. My tax dollar leaves Massachusetts to support many of the Red States. Just saying.