After some discussion, Tisbury selectmen voted to sign a dredging agreement with Edgartown to clear the Tashmoo channel at a meeting Thursday evening.

“I really appreciate the effort and opportunity that Edgartown has provided to us,” said selectman and board chairman Tristan Israel.

The agreement sets a maximum cost of $193,000 for the project, with mobilization and demobilization costs (to get the dredge in the water and towed to Tisbury) totaling $28,000. The rest will be calculated with a daily rate, totaling $7,500 for each day of work.

Selectmen heard concerns from the public before signing the agreement, including from Lynne Fraker. Ms. Fraker said she believed Edgartown should be charging Tisbury by the cubic yard rather than by the day.

“I’ve worked on many different dredge projects,” she said. “Dredging is done by the cubic yard. You do a pre-survey, you dredge, you do a post-survey.”

She also asked who from Tisbury would be responsible for monitoring the dredging project and urged selectmen to compare prices with rates from the Barnstable county dredge.

“I really think that Barnstable needs to be part of the discussion,” she said.

Robert Woodruff, a regular Tashmoo boater, echoed some of Ms. Fraker’s comments.

“My experience is it always has been by the cubic yard,” he said.

Town administrator Jay Grande said the agreement had been vetted by harbor master John Crocker, the Tisbury dredge committee and by town counsel.

“Our whole effort is to develop a longer term relationship with Edgartown. We saw this as mutually beneficial,” Mr. Grande said.

Mr. Crocker and dredge committee member Nevin Sayre said the Barnstable dredge was not available until the winter, when the dredging window comes to a close to allow the spawning of protected species.

“It’s imperative that we dredge before Jan. 15. I think everyone in this room knows that,” Mr. Sayre said. “The Barnstable dredge is not available in this season before Jan. 15, so if we want to dredge, we have to act with what we have.”

Edgartown selectmen are expected to sign off on the agreement at their meeting next week, and the town dredge crew plans to complete the work between Sept. 15 and Oct. 15. There were some concerns about disruption to the derby, which begins this weekend and runs through Oct. 13, including from Mr. Israel.

“The derby brings a lot of money into the town,” he said. “Is there something we can do about that timing?”

Mr. Crocker said the Edgartown dredge committee had been briefed in detail about the derby.

“The dredge operator ... is well aware of the situation,” he said. “The dredge pipe will be sunk to bottom, and people will still be able to get over . . . People will still be able to fish.”

Mr. Grande said a pre-dredge survey is scheduled for next week.

Ralph Packer, owner of R. M. Packer Co. and the Tisbury Wharf, urged selectmen to invest in a longer-term solution to prevent shoaling in the channel, including reinforcement and extension of existing jetties.

“Two years from now we’ll all be back deciding what to do,” he said. “We need to protect our investment.”

After the board voted to approve the contract, Mr. Israel thanked Edgartown dredge committee administrator Juliet Mulinare for coming to the meeting.

“Every town has a different style,” he said with a laugh.

In other business, selectmen prepared for next week’s joint meeting with Oak Bluffs selectmen to discuss areas of potential collaboration between the two towns. Mr. Israel and Mr. Grande listed multiple areas where the towns could consolidate services, including inspection services, animal control and some policing.

“How many hours are we going to meet with them?” selectman Melinda Loberg joked after several more items were added to the list for discussion.

“I think it’s great for the two towns to explore,” Mr. Israel said of the partnership.

Selectmen also approved a final job description for the police chief provided by consultants at the West Tisbury based firm Strategic Policy Partnership LLC. The lone candidate for the position, Sturbridge administrative lieutenant Mark Saloio, will visit the Island next week for an interview with selectmen. The interview will take place Thursday, Sept. 13, at 4 p.m. A public forum will follow at 6 p.m.