Following the unexpected death of West Tisbury police officer Daniel Gouldrup last week, a celebration of life potluck was held Saturday afternoon at the Grange Hall in West Tisbury.

Midway through the gathering, representatives from all the Island police departments, the sheriff’s department, state police, tribal rangers, and the West Tisbury volunteer fire department paid tribute to the late officer. Tisbury fire chief John Schilling played Taps. West Tisbury officers presented an American flag to Mr. Gouldrup’s family, and a dispatcher made a last call, which played through a West Tisbury police cruiser’s speakers.

“Officer Gouldrup served his community honorably and favorably,” the dispatcher read in part. “Thank you for your service. You will be deeply missed.”

Sergeant Byron Rizzo, who leads the state police honor guard, explained that the last call is for closure.

Officer Gouldrup was a part of many communities on the Island. — Holly Pretsky

“It’s an opportunity to hear his name on the police radio one last time,” he said.

The Grange Hall parking lot had filled quickly as people arrived, many carrying food, to honor the veteran officer, who served the department for three decades. Inside, there were flower arrangements at every turn, many donated for the event by an Island organization Mr. Gouldrup had touched.

The event celebrated Mr. Gouldrup’s service to West Tisbury, and also honored smaller details of his life. Mr. Gouldrup’s golf club and his hockey skates were on display along with framed photos in the back of the room. Each table had several packets of Cheez-its, the officer’s favorite snack. Many wore orange, Mr. Gouldrup’s favorite color, or wore Bruins jerseys to honor his favorite team.

Selectman Cynthia Mitchell offered condolences on behalf of the town to Mr. Gouldrup’s family.

“Danny was a dedicated policeman serving the town and community and growing with the department for 32 years,” she said. “He had another family in the West Tisbury police department and they are grieving and missing him dearly.”

West Tisbury police chief Matt Mincone told a story about playing the first police versus fire hockey game with Mr. Gouldrup two years ago. He remembered the thrilled look on the officer’s face as he donned his jersey, then his excitement after scoring the third goal of the game.

“He said, ‘The old guy’s still got it,’” Chief Mincone recalled to a murmur of laughter.

Chief Mincone said he called all the officers who had been in the department longer than him ‘the old guard.’ Mr. Gouldrup was most recently known for his post at the Martha’s Vineyard Airport and at the Saturday farmers’ markets.

“Danny was part of that old guard. He was truly a community police officer,” he said.