Oct. 26

Stephen W. Moore, 59, of Tisbury, was arraigned on Oct. 19 charges in Tisbury of possession of a class B drug (methadone hydrochloride) and possession of a class D drug (marijuana) with intent to distribute. Bond was posted at $1,000. Pretrial hearing set for Dec. 17.

Nov. 7

Benjamin C. Stafford, 37, of Oak Bluffs, was arraigned on Nov. 1 charges in Oak Bluffs of drunken driving, marked lanes violation, driving the wrong way on a state highway and negligent operation of a motor vehicle. Pretrial hearing set for Dec. 13.

Nov. 9

Michael J. Murphy, 66, of Edgartown, was arraigned on Sept. 6 charge in Edgartown of trespassing. Ordered to 40 hours of community service, with charges to be dismissed if court costs/restitution paid by Feb. 6, 2019.

Nov. 26

Christopher D. Costello, 25, of Edgartown, admitted to sufficient facts on Nov. 4 charge in Tisbury of drunken driving, first offense, amended from second offense, continued without a finding for one year. Ordered to 24-day driver alcohol education program and 45-day loss of license, to pay $600 in fines and $65 monthly probabation fee. Charge of negligent operation of a motor vehicle was dismissed upon request of the commonwealth and found not responsible on charges of load unsecured/uncovered and possession of open container of alcohol in motor vehicle.

Joseph V. Cormier, 53, of Oak Bluffs, had May 5 charges in Tisbury of assault and battery dismissed upon request of the commonwealth, without prejudice.