The Tisbury police department will be restructuring, and former Lieutenant Eerik Meisner is no longer employed by the town as of Wednesday, police chief Mark Saloio told the Gazette.

Mr. Saloio said he could not comment on the circumstances of Mr. Meisner’s departure, saying it is a personnel issue. He referred the matter to town adminstrator and town personnel director Jay Grande who also said he would not comment.

Mr. Meisner had been demoted in the fall from lieutenant to acting sergeant. Reached by phone, Mr. Meisner said he had no comment.

Mr. Saloio said he was not planning to hire another lieutenant, and will instead employ enough sergeants to supervise each of the three shifts. The department had previously operated with two sergeants.

“I think it would be more beneficial to town, the department and the community to have three shift supervisors,” Mr. Saloio said.

For the time being, with seven full-time officers, including the chief and one sergeant, the department continues to be staffed below its 14 officer capacity. Mr. Saloio said he will take over supervision of the day shift for the time being, and midnights will operate without a sergeant.

He said he anticipates the addition of four officers in the next couple of months. Two are training at the police academy and will graduate in February, and two others are progressing through the interview and background check process.

Mr. Saloio said he plans to promote two officers to sergeants after they complete a process set forth in a new promotion policy. Among other requirements, officers will need to pass an internal exam Mr. Saloio has commissioned from an outside firm. He said the exam will test officers’ knowledge of local bylaws and Massachusetts general laws.

“Rather than just simply saying to somebody, You’re a sergeant, I think it’s important for the morale within the agency, but also for the individual him or herself, to know they earned it,” Mr. Saloio said.