Two Vineyard Haven businessmen have entered the race for selectman in Tisbury. Jeffrey Kristal, who owns the Crocker House, and Seth Gambino, owner of La Choza Mexican restaurant, have both filed papers to run.

Incumbent selectman and board chairman Tristan Israel has confirmed that he will not seek reelection in April after more than two decades of public service.

Both new candidates said the vacant seat inspired them to run.

“Tristan’s leaving, and he’s leaving a void of knowledge, and I love the town of Tisbury, so why not do it?” Mr. Kristal told the Gazette.

Mr. Gambino said it was important to him that the race is contested. “If there’s no one else there, it’s an appointment not an election,” he said.

Mr. Kristal is currently finance committee chairman and previously served two terms on the board of selectmen from 2008 to 2014.

He said experience on the finance committee would make him a better selectman.

“As a selectman, you review budgets and you review the way the town operates from a budgetary standpoint, but being on the finance committee, you really delve into the depths of everyone’s budgets, [including] the not-town-related budgets. You learn a lot more about free cash and more about how all the components come together in a financial way,” he said.

Mr. Gambino said town government could use some fresh perspectives. A graduate of the regional high school, he returned to the Island to open his burrito restaurant in 2012 after going to college and building a career in the service industry.

He has been a vocal opponent of the proposed music festival in Veterans Memorial Park planned for August.

“The whole thing for me is I understand the only constant in life is change, but I feel like we can progress compassionately, and I don’t think that is happening,” he said.