Our children have given us a great gift. They have given us the gift of opportunity — an opportunity to right a wrong, to do the right thing.

Over the past several months, students from two Island elementary schools have organized themselves as Plastic Free MV and have drafted a proposed plastic bottle ban that they have promoted at various town board meetings and to the public at large.

They have successfully placed this proposed bylaw on the town meeting warrants in the three up-Island towns. In doing so, they have demonstrated a keen awareness of the environmental hazards that face us now and well into the future — their future and our planet’s future. More importantly, they have taken action in a mature and measured fashion to address their concerns, concerns we all should share.

They have also demonstrated a thorough understanding of civics by working within our systems of governance to create a better and more secure future for us all.

We as voters are morally bound, in my view, to fully support our children in this matter and to approve the bylaw they have worked so passionately to create and promote.

Please join me in supporting our children, acknowledging their gift of opportunity to us and improving our community and planet. Please vote yes on the plastic bottle ban.

Allen M. Look

West Tisbury