With women’s reproductive health care prominently in the news the executive committee would like to ensure our community knows about the Island clinic. Operated on State Road by Health Imperatives, the family planning clinic continues to offer reproductive health care to anyone needing the services. Birth control, STI, HIV and cancer screenings, pap smears and annual exams are available by appointment. Although the clinic doesn’t offer abortions or vasectomies, the Friends of Family Planning will reimburse expenses to the men and women who have to travel off-Island for these procedures. For details about us or services please go to our website, facebook page or call the clinic.

Currently we are planning a few educational/community events. The first is a jazz brunch at the Ritz on Sunday, June 9 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. All proceeds will go directly to help Islanders. Please join us.

While being respectful of everyone’s right to their own opinion, and knowing abortion evokes strong feelings, we unequivocally believe in and support choice. A woman’s reproductive freedom is the cornerstone of all her freedom. The circumstances surrounding abortion should not matter. The choice is the woman’s and the right to that choice has been protected by laws in the commonwealth of Massachusetts for many decades.

Our hope is that as fellow inhabitants of this Island we can be respectful of and compassionate towards each other.

Susan Desmarais

Oak Bluffs

This letter was also signed by Regan Goldstein, Roger Maxfield, Sarah Monast, Nili Morgan and Terre D. Young.