Karen Elizabeth Szczesiul purchased 5 Aquinnah Circle, Unit 3, in Aquinnah from Renee Pianka and James Pianka for $529,000 on July 29. Chilmark Lucia M. Diamond and John L. Diamond purchased 100 South Road in Chilmark from Michael Rosenfeld for $1,260,000 on July 31.

Marcio Gomes Pereira and Maira Avansini Pereira purchased 70 Anthiers Way in Edgartown from the Douglas H. Reece Trust, the Amy H. Reece Trust, and the Reece Investment Realty Trust for $890,000 on July 29.

Danielle Jameison and Robert Jameison purchased 66 Curtis Lane in Edgartown from Sarah Trespasz for $1,200,000 on July 31.

Tina Lodovico and Donald L. Hendricks purchased 31 North street in Edgartown from Ann Louise Kerner and Ann-Louise Kerner for $1,580,000 on August 1.

Caleb Caldwell purchased 30A Hannahs Way in Edgartown from William Fielding for $53,570 on August 1.

Oak Bluffs
Katherine Perry and Michael Reed purchased 0 Front street/Barnes Road from Edward F. Perry Jr. for $110,000 on August 1.

Dyroff Family Investments LLC purchased 107 Beach Road, Unit 104, in Tisbury from John T. Kelleher and Jean P. Kelleher for $245,000 on July 30.

Keith Strelecki purchased 16 Heath Hen Lane in Tisbury from Robert L. Snider, Robert L. Snider Jr., Walter M. Snider and Patricia C. Slade for $380,000 on July 31.

Oberon York and Sarah York purchased 156 Norton avenue in Tisbury from the Robert H. Hughes Trust, the Suzanne M. Hughes Trust and the 156 Norton Avenue Realty Trust for $662,500 on August 1.

Richard Conrad and Lisa M. Conrad purchased 129 Dunham avenue in Tisbury from 129 Dunham LLC for $840,000 on August 1.

Christopher Harlocker and Susan Harlocker purchased 129 Winyah Circle in Tisbury from Alice H. Franklin for $207,150 on August 1.

West Tisbury
Pauls Point Area Realty LLC purchased 223 John Cottle Road in West Tisbury from Milton Estates Ltd. for $4,770,000 on July 29.

Pauls Point Area Realty LLC purchased 221 John Cottle Road in West Tisbury from Milton Property Co. Ltd. for $4,470,000 on July 29.