Columbus Day weekend is upon us. The annual holiday artisan festival will take place at the Grange Hall on Sunday. The post office and all municipal buildings will be closed on Monday. And on Sunday, Nov. 3 we will plunge into darkness earlier as we return to Eastern Standard Time.

Linda Alley, the jelly queen, reports that tomorrow will be the last Farmers’ Market of the season at the Grange Hall. On Oct. 19 the winter farmers’ market begins at the Agricultural Hall from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. each Saturday through Dec. 14. She wants to thank all the customers for making this year’s market a great success.

Bruce Carlton and his significant other Julia Roundy, of Vacaville, Calif. made their annual visit to the Vineyard last week. They brought along two house guests and enjoyed fishing the Vineyard waters, catching three 10-pound bluefish.

Jim Sessoms and his wife Connie and daughter Sarah of Chapel Hill, N.C. leave today to return home after a week visiting the Vineyard. Jim reports really liking the place and meeting the people. He was so glad to miss the scorching heat down south.

Phyllis Meras, of Music street, held a dinner party Friday night for Mary Pat Hough, Brigette Cornand and John and Anna Alley. Great conversation a wonderful dinner equaled a swell time.

John Hirt, our postmaster, is retiring from the postal service next Friday so stop by and wish him well.

When you are in or near the woods these days remember that archery season for deer started on Monday. The manager of the Manuel Correllus State Forest would like to remind people who enter the forest to wear bright colored clothing. And be extra careful when driving, as deer are apt to cross the road day or night at one of their favorite crossings.

As Halloween is nearly upon us let me remind you of the biggest Halloween spoof accidentally played on the public. It was a live broadcast on Oct. 30, 1938 of an Orson Welles dramatization of the H.G. Wells’ tale War of the Worlds. The episode aired nationwide on the CBS radio network. The invasion from Mars was covered by realistic live reports interrupting the regularly scheduled program and many people thought it was a real invasion. Also, what was the name of the weekly comedy program that starred a wooden man in a top hat and was sponsored by Chase and Sanborn coffee?

Happy birthday to Martha Post, Bob Mone and Hannah Beecher today; Lisa Lillibridge, Art Nelson, Lisa Amols, Sherri Church and Sarah Waldman tomorrow; Steve Atwood, Carly Look and David Finkelstein on Sunday; Jeanne Borggaard, Enos Ray, Samantha Gibson, Hayley Plante-Pachico and Shelia Rayyan on Monday; Geoff Borr, Jon Nelson III, Denise Page and Steven Barbee on Tuesday; Ed Mossey, John Washbrook, Jennifer Jones and Charles Everett on Wednesday; Robert Phillips, Richard Reinhardsen, Polly Bassett, Kate Hubbell and Karen Francis on Thursday.

Well that is all of the social news for this week’s edition. A bit of trivia: tomorrow is the 106th anniversary of the income tax code.

If you have any news please call or email me. Have a great week.

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