The three-day northeaster finally loosened its grip on the weather on Saturday. Boat service resumed after two days of cancellation as the rough sea and high winds finally eased off. Tree damage was minimal but we lost thousands of leaves greatly reducing the chance of fine fall foliage.

Sunset is now about 6 p.m. and seems to be coming faster each day. When Daylight Saving Time ends in just over two weeks the season of early darkness will have us in her grasp.

The Steamship Authority will begin operating the late fall boat schedule on Thursday and the port of Oak Bluffs will be closed until spring.

Jill Carlton and her husband Pete Karman, of New Haven, Conn., arrived last weekend to close up their State Road home for the winter. They both want to spend more time on the Vineyard next year.

Our grandchildren Robert, Henry Eddie and Mark came for the long holiday but because of the storm could not get here until Saturday afternoon. Grandma brought them over from Woods Hole. Their parents Nicole and Arsen came over Sunday afternoon to pick up the kids, who were reluctant to return home.

Joshua Randall and Janelle Pucillo were married Saturday afternoon and because of the storm their wedding was delayed until 5 p.m. on Saturday. Nonetheless, everyone had a swell time.

The Alleys and Kernicks celebrated their respective anniversaries by dinning at the Outermost Inn. It was a wonderful dinner and a swell time even if it was in stormy weather.

Marian Irving, formerly of Old County Road now of Hingham, was in town last week visiting old friends.

Naomi Plakins of Middle Road dinned with the Alleys last week. She has been busy up at her house getting ready for her first Vineyard Thanksgiving.

Harry Athearn reports that the first fall farmers’ market begins Saturday morning at the Agricultural Hall at 10 a.m. The fall festival will be held on Oct. 26 and the annual Barnraisers Ball is on Nov. 2.

Happy birthday to Gail Tipton, Joshua Aronie and Darren Magan today; Ben Retmier, Heather Seger and Paul Galligan tomorrow; Erich Luening, Jeff Serusa, Jean Holenko and Lena Johnson on Sunday; Bob Doane, Amy Hoff, Ted Powell and Samantha Robinson on Monday; Susan Silva, Katherine Stackpole, Meaghan Gouldrup and Jacob Ferry on Tuesday; Dianne Rothwell, Susanne Faraca, Mark Bettencourt, Don Klepper-Smith, Julie Feiffer and Caroline Flanders Wednesday; Betty Cottle, Ben DeForrest, Paul Gibbs, Mara Coleman and Shirley Wilcox on Thursday.

Belated birthday wishes to Sandy Hill and Goodie Stiller, and Sunday would have been John and Abigail Adams’s 255th wedding anniversary.

Well, that is all of the social news for this week’s column. If you have any news please call or email me.