All types and sizes of decorations, wreaths, outdoor lights and Christmas trees are being put up and decorated all around town. The spirit of the Holiday season is upon us.

The town holiday party at the Agricultural Hall Friday, Dec. 13 from 6 to 8 p.m.

Anna and I went to visit the grandchildren last weekend and attend a play in Warick R.I. at the GAMM theater. It was the radio version of It’s a Wonderful Life. It was outstanding and well received by the audience. The following day, daughter Nicole, Arsen and twins Eddie and Mark took me to the Sagres Resteraunt in Fall River for lunch. Anna took the older boys Robbie and Henry bowling. The food was terrific and plentiful and we were treated well including a surprise birthday cup cake.

Phyllis Meras, of Music street, returned home last Saturday from a business trip to Providence, R.I. On the way home she began thinking about her theme for her annual Christmas poem that will appear in next week’s edition of the Gazette.

Katherine Long, of Scotchman’s Bridge cordially invites you to the 41st annual Winter Solstice party on Sunday from noon until 9 p.m. She will be assisted by Glenn and Rosemary Jackson, of Stoney Hill, and her sister, Mary Ruth. All ages are welcome. Katherine says come when you can and leave when you must just don’t bring your dog along.

Olivia Gately, over at the library, reports that on Sunday at 3:30 p.m., the library will host a book talk with Linsey Lee, oral history curator at the Martha’s Vineyard Museum. Linsey will discuss her newest book Vineyard Voices Three and will play audio/video vignettes of people from West Tisbury who are featured in the book.

On Friday Dec 12, 1941, four days after entering WWII, the town civil defense committee held a rally at the Town Hall in North Tisbury. They were told what would be expected during an air raid. 1. Do not use the telephone. 2. Build and use blackout curtains immediately and when the warning signal sounds after dark turn off all your lights.

The chief air raid warden announced that Dorothy Russell will be in charge of North Tisbury. Her assistants are Mrs. Robert Flanders, Jr. and Mrs. Forrest Bosworth. Lillian Manter will be in charge of West Tisbury village. Her assistants are Lillian Magnuson, Hilda Austin, Elizabeth Campbell and Lorraine Armitage. Mrs. Raymond Cottle is the now the new warden for Lambert’s Cove. Her assistants are Misses Mabelle Benson and Barbara Cottle.

Happy birthday to Silas Berlin and Marybeth Daniels Dec. 13; Rick Karney, Cathy Brennan and Harvey Garneau Dec. 14; Lisa Smith, Janice Cramer, Brandon Segel and Timothy Sylvia Dec. 15; Lynn Orlando, Sue Hruby and Benjamin Rossi Dec. 16; Amy Eisenlohr, Lynne Demond, Ann Holmes, Tamara Thome, Amy Raines and Peter Farley Dec. 17; Irene Tewksbury, Melanie Miller, Sam Griswold, Nyama Wingood, Bob Levine and Warren Hollinshead Dec. 18; and Janice Manter, Patti Roads, Pam Putney, Pat Hughes, John Thurber, Allison Carr, Logan Russell and Marcy Klapper on Dec. 19.

Belated birthday wishes to Anne Howard and anniversary greetings to Bob Bunch and Sandra Polleys.

Well that is all of the social news for this edition. If you have any news about the holidays and guests at your house please call or email me.