A long-running land-use review of a controversial subdivision planned for off Meetinghouse Way in Edgartown continues.

Under review by the Martha’s Vineyard Commission as a development of regional impact (DRI) for the past 18 months, the Meetinghouse Place subdivision was recently revised for a third time. The latest version calls for creating 28 lots on 54 acres, with a reduced footprint for houses and the addition of 14 price-restricted townhouses.

Utah developers Douglas K. Anderson and Richard G. Matthews are also offering to contribute $1 million to affordable housing in cash and other incentives, as well as strengthen covenants and set aside another 20 acres to protect state-listed natural heritage land on the property that includes rare moth habitat.

Despite the revisions, the project continues to draw strong criticism from neighbors and biologists who say who say the project is overly dense, not in keeping with the character of the Island, and could further compromise the fragile health of the Edgartown Great Pond.

At a hearing Thursday before the MVC, critics reiterated their concerns. But Sean Murphy, an Island attorney representing the developers also pushed back.

“If this application is denied, this doesn’t become a park,” he said. “It’s five lots right now that can be developed, as is, with houses. So in allowing this application, you are actually protecting the open space.”

The hearing was continued to June 11.

— Noah Asimow