Fog and sun have been our friends this week. But we can’t complain as it was warm and people were at the beach. But there were lots of people around.

Happy birthday to all who celebrated their day this past week. Big balloons go out to Harold Harris and Peter Rosbeck who celebrated July 5; Hugo Delhougne, Joao Simoes, July 6; Schnyeder De Oliveira, Jhon Moreira and Noah Nascimento, July 7; Alexa Sawers, July 8; Emily Gilley, Erin Gilley, Thomas Mullen and Thais Pereira, July 9; Amy Maeda, Phillip Pruciano and Cameron Stanton celebrate their day July 10.

It certainly was a different Fourth of July. There were lots of people here. Not as many as years past but enough. Everyone had their own plans to fill in the void of the parade. The selectmen walked the parade route at 7 a.m. in memory of Ted Morgan, and word has it that it was also Arthur’s 30th parade.

There was a car parade from Aquinnah that went through town and a few veterans went on the parade route with the police leading the way. There were also fireworks, of course. They are not legal and it kept the police department hopping all night but safety first and thank goodness no one was hurt. So our hope now is that we can keep this virus under control so we can celebrate next year.

Congratulations to Georgia DeRoche a seventh-grader at the Edgartown School, as The JFK Library announced that she is one of 19 middle school students in the state to win the JFK Make a Difference Award. Sue Costello, Shelley Einbinder and others took part in a miniature awards ceremony for her last week. Georgia is the daughter of Joel DeRoche and Joanne Cassidy.

Felix Neck Wildlife Sanctuary is offering outdoor explorations for children, families and adults this summer. Though the nature center is closed, Felix Neck trails are open and all of your favorite programs will be available outside for your family or Quaran-team! (A quaran-team is a bubble of people who create their own tight-knit social circle that doesn’t interact with others outside their group).

Quaran-team families and groups can choose from a variety of unique experiences exploring the sanctuary with up to nine people (per state guidelines) and a personal naturalist guide. Expeditions range from storytime visits with live critters to dissecting owl pellets to birding or sunset kayaks – there is something for everyone at Felix Neck. Have a great week and keep the home candles burning.