Whenever he was in town, Jeff Bezanson was busy. He would have sawdust on his shoulders, paint on his shirt and quite possibly a few spots on his cheek. He was never too busy, however, to stop by the Texaco for a cold drink and a sweet nibble — cinnamon rolls were his favorite. Sometimes he’d sit inside and talk about train rides with his great grandson. Other times he would sit out sunning himself on Squid Row with his bride Amelia or shooting the breeze with old friends.

Jeff shared stories of old times and present day equally and always with a twinkle in his eye and genuine thoughtfulness. He took pride in his family, pride in his work and pride in his homes he shared seasonally with renters atop Flag Pole Hill and nestled along the shore of Chockers Creek. Shortly before the stroke of midnight on Feb. 24, Jeff completed his walk on earth. Thank you for being a friend, Jeff, and as you always said: “It’s nice to be seen.”

The weather truly cooperated over the last few days of February. Paul and Beth Mayhew sat a spell in the sun on Squid Row. We reminisced about old friends and expressed hope of good days to come.

Carl Leaf buzzed the Bight that same day and we also exchanged pleasantries. He’s been by to visit a couple of times and we always have moments of laughter.

February school vacation has come and gone. Many of us reveled in the solitude of our stay-cations with perhaps teenagers sleeping in late and younger kids gnome hunting at Polly Hill.

The Karlinsky clan, minus Andrew who is at UMass, had plans to lace up their walking shoes and hit a bunch of trails.

The Oliver family managed to get some manual labor out of their children (I spotted Solon with shovel in hand) but they also had some very decadent chocolate cake to celebrate Hollis’s half birthday. He’s six months shy of being 12. I’m not sure how that cute, blonde, curly haired boy is fast approaching his teen years.

The Abrams boys, Silas and Axel, took to the slopes of Sugarloaf Mountain in northern Maine with their folks, Jessica Benjamin and Pinto. Also doing some time in the Carrabassett Valley were Laila and Tegan Fenner along with their dad, Keith. A number of other Vineyard folks were there, too, so it really could have been called “Vineyard North.”

Sugarloaf is near and dear to so many Chilmark School kids since it’s the spot they venture to as fifth graders for the annual Outing Program ski trip. For many, it’s the spot they take to the slopes for the very first time.

March is here. It didn’t roar in like a lion, but it did appear with some hip, hip, hooray-ing because March 1 is the day Todd Christy celebrates his birthday. Also celebrating this past week were Peter Dunkl, Donald Poole, Maria Hurwitz, Maggie Mayhew and Hugh Singer to name a few.

There’s a marsh hawk that spends a lot of time working the land across from the Texaco. It’s fascinating to watch as it swoops and glides between the powerful beating of its wings. I’ve stopped trying to snap a picture or take a video because my timing is terrible so I just quietly enjoy it when it’s there.