Molly Ann Carey and Kevin Michael Shea purchased property on East Pasture Road in Aquinnah from Kurt A. Knowles for $525,000 on Sept. 27.


Michael H. Lynch and Monique F. Lynch purchased property on Church Pasture Way in Chilmark from Crick Hill LLC for $1,220,000 on Sept. 27.

Douglas Liman purchased 24 Blacksmith Valley Road, property on State Road, and Quitsa Pond access in Chilmark from Charles F. Parker, Elizabeth W. Parker, Jeffrey Bruce Dawson and Emily Fox Dawson for $5,000,000 on Sept. 28.


Pocha Partners LLC purchased 31 Pocha Road ext. in Edgartown from O. Stevens Leland Jr. Trs., Timothy Leland Trs. and O.S. Leland Real Estate Trust for $2,475,000 on Sept. 28.

Millers Unlimited Properties LLC purchased 3 Duarte circle from Glenda I. Medeiros for $1,450,000 on Sept. 29.

Otter Cove LLC purchased 22 Herring Creek Road in Edgartown from Rita E. Spence for $1,300,000 on Sept. 30.

2 Pradas Way LLC purchased 2 Pradas Way in Edgartown from Ronald R. Drake 2008 Revocable Trust, Diane G. Drake Trs. and Gary C. Albertson Trs. for $1,655,000 on Sept. 30.

PQ113 Holdings LLC purchased 113 Upper Main street in Edgartown from Jane R. Chittick Indiv. and Trs., and Jane R. Chittick Living Trust for $2,195,000 on Sept. 30.

59 Dike Bridge Road LLC purchased 59 Dike Bridge Road in Edgartown from Dale P. Carter for $1,150,000 on Oct. 1.

Derek A. Bower and Colleen Bower purchased 59 Chase Road in Edgartown from Joseph R. Pastore and Christopher D. Soverns for $799,000 on Oct. 1.

Timothy Christopher Hall and Christina Tavella Hall purchased 52 Robinson Road in Edgartown from MSK LLC for $2,500,000 on Oct. 1.

Frank Joseph Walter 3rd and Marguerite Mudd Walter purchased 16 Green Pastures Road in Edgartown from Alan O. Wilson and Althea G. Wilson for $2,230,000 on Oct. 1.

Sean McHale and Karin Risi purchased 11 Motick trail in Edgartown from Jill J. Karp for $7,400,000 on Oct. 1.

65 Kanomina Road LLC purchased property in Edgartown from John Randolph Luening Trs., Katherine L. Culbert Trs. and Kanomika Topnotch Trust for $5,000,000 on Oct. 1.

Oak Bluffs

Timothy W. Steele and Elizabeth F. Steele purchased 26 Pequot ave in Oak Bluffs from Cinderella Cottage MV LLC for $2,250,000 on Sept. 30.

Pocasset LLC purchased 37 Pocasset ave and 35 Pocasset ave in Oak Bluffs from George J. Tuccelli Jr. Trs., Elena M. Iacoviello Trs., Louis A. Iacoviello, Elena M. Iacoviello Family Irrevocable Trust, Louis A. Iacoviello Family Irrevocable Trust and Celia F. Tuccelli Irrevocable Trust in Oak Bluffs for $1,250,000 on Sept. 30.

David Glenn and Devin Glenn purchased property on Chickawaukee street in Oak Bluffs from Raymond. N. Phillips and Bernice E. Phillips Est. for $475,000 on Oct. 1.

Vineyard Haven

Lisa T. Cottrell purchased 23 Warner street in Vineyard Haven from Iva Pradova for $1,005,000 on Sept. 28. Joseph Zenga, Jessica Ann Zenga, Joseph T. Zenga and Margaret Zenga purchased 212 Tashmoo avenue in Vineyard Haven from Renzulli Properties LLC for $1,300,000 on Sept. 28.

West Tisbury

Martha Macgillvray purchased 89 Pin Oak Circle in West Tisbury from Marcia W. Macgillvray and Donald Macgillvray for $270,000 on Sept. 28.

Kathryn R. Ham Trs. and WT Island Nominee Realty Trust purchased 56 Willow Tree Hollow in West Tisbury from Kathryn R. Ham Trs. and 56 Willow Tree Hollow Realty Trust for $1,050,000 on Sept. 29.

Deborah R. G. Westervelt Trs. and Seven Stoney Hill Realty Trust purchased 7 Stoney Hill Road in West Tisbury for $2,495,000 on Sept. 30.

Rachel Simmons purchased 10 Trotters Lane in West Tisbury from Joyce A. Silberling Trs. and Silberling Family Realty Trust for $1,310,500 on Sept. 30.