A historic Edgartown Inn’s restaurant will be reopening this year, but only as a seasonal establishment.

Gery Conover, Sr., the co-owner of the Charlotte Inn, announced Monday that the inn’s restaurant, The Terrace, would be shifting to a seasonal model. Mr. Conover shared the news in an Edgartown select meeting as he awaited approval to transfer his year-round all-alchohol innholder’s license to a seasonal license.

The Terrace and the inn have historically been open year-round, but the restaurant has faced staffing challenges throughout the pandemic.

“We’re hoping if everything goes well to return to year-round again,” Mr. Conover said. “That’s what the hope is, but we haven’t had very good luck.”

The select board approved the new license unanimously, but not without some disappointment.

“We hate to see you go,” selectman Mike Donaroma said.

The Charlotte Inn first opened in 1935, its over 150-year-old building once housing whaling magnate Samuel Osborn, Jr. as well as a local grocery store. The inn is known for its period-accurate 19th-century furnishings and commitment to maintaining a relaxing and refined hotel experience; groups larger than six and children under 12 are prohibited.

Although the restaurant has seen various chefs over the years, Mr. Conover said that the restaurant’s operations have largely remained unchanged. Should the permitting go through, he expects The Terrace to reopen May 15.

As of yet, the restaurant does not have a set closing date.

“We’ll just have to see how it goes,” Mr. Conover said. “If it goes well, we’ll apply to go back to year-round.”