As West Tisbury animal control officer for 27 years, Joan Jenkinson has been at the beck and call of residents and their animals. But come Oct. 1,...

A recent survey on the Cape has revealed Powassan, a potentially fatal disease carried by deer ticks. Despite a growing list of tick-borne diseases...

The Beatrice House was called the Central House, tents lined the streets of Cottage City and the tabernacle was roofed with canvas.

A big white oak tree on North Road, considered a “wolf tree,” is the king of white oaks on the Vineyard.

The Littlefield/Epstein family will be exhibiting a multi-generational show at Featherstone Center for the Arts from August 28 to Sept. 7. The...

To prepare for a long walk do some stretches and limber up with a little pre-walk walk.


News Briefs

Two Vineyard residents have completed training in Fort Polk at the Army’s Joint Readiness Training Center.

Polly Hill Arboretum has celebrated the completion of a new education center and botany lab.

Kathleen McGhee-Anderson, a longtime seasonal resident of the Vineyard, has been named executive producer of the hit TV series Greenleaf.