As West Tisbury animal control officer for 27 years, Joan Jenkinson has been at the beck and call of residents and their animals. But come Oct. 1,...

A recent survey on the Cape has revealed Powassan, a potentially fatal disease carried by deer ticks. Despite a growing list of tick-borne diseases...

The Beatrice House was called the Central House, tents lined the streets of Cottage City and the tabernacle was roofed with canvas.

A big white oak tree on North Road, considered a “wolf tree,” is the king of white oaks on the Vineyard.

The Littlefield/Epstein family will be exhibiting a multi-generational show at Featherstone Center for the Arts from August 28 to Sept. 7. The...

To prepare for a long walk do some stretches and limber up with a little pre-walk walk.


News Briefs

Susan Dickler of West Tisbury and New York city has been elected the new chairman of the board of the Ms. Foundation for Women.

Members of the Martha’s Vineyard Drug Task Force arrested two men on cocaine distribution charges in two separate incidents this week.

Just in time for the dog days of August, the 2017 Vineyard Seadogs calendar has been unveiled and is now available at Vineyard stores.