Richard D. (Dick) Hathaway died on June 25 at his home in Edgartown. He was 90.

He was the husband of Janice (Holbrook) Hathaway.

Dick spent his childhood in Bangor, Me., Cambridge, and of course in Edgartown.

He entered World War II at the age of 15 and parachuted behind enemy lines in the Netherlands with the 101st Airborne Division. He then went on to the Battle of the Bulge and other large and small battles.

He was saddened when he saw the condition of a liberated Nazi camp where people had been starved, mistreated, and murdered during the war. He spoke more about that than his tough road to Germany. Later he signed up for more time in post-war Germany.

He went to work for Grant Brothers in Edgartown upon returning home and enjoyed his interesting employers and the hard work they provided.

He loved fishing and teaching young people to enjoy the sport and have respect for the fish as well. His wife remembers him saying (about bait), “Wouldn't you like that if you were a fish?” He won his seventh and final first place in the Martha’s Vineyard Striped Bass and Bluefish Derby at the age of 70.

Over the years he was the proprietor of the Gremlin Fog, Hathaway’s Taxi (“Get Away with Hathaway”) and Dick’s Deli in Edgartown. At one time he owned a fishing vessel and was also clamming, quahaugging, crabbing, conching and oystering. He scalloped for many years, including when he turned 89. He loved the ocean and all that it held.

His children and grandchildren had an awesome grandpa to love. At one point his grandson Brendan said he was going to skip college and go fishing with Grandpa Dick.

All will miss him. To mention a few, he leaves behind his wife, Janice; his nephews, William Wannamaker, Hayden Wannamaker and Kent Wannamaker; and his niece, Martha Wannamaker. Willie lived with Uncle Dick and his first wife, Jean Hathaway, during his childhood. He is also survived by Janice’s children, Gary, Mark and his wife Melinda, June, Matthew and his wife Jeanne, and by Matt’s children, Patrick, Brendan, Katie, Colin and Megan DeFeo. Dick also had many faithful friends.

His cremains will be interred at the Pine Hill Cemetery in Sherbon with his wife’s family. Gone Fishing will be engraved on his stone.