Keeping a watchful eye on Edgrtown harbor. Tim Johnson

Sunday, March 6, 2022

The Vineyard's most peaceful week of the year is drawing to an end. It's the turning point of winter as spring appears on the horizon. All but the most stubborn snow has retreated into puddles, then disappeared.

But ah the quiet villages, the deserted country lanes and byways. Crows caw their urgent messages, robins dart about, and mourning doves bob along the ground in their stately way, dressed in formal gray. The schools were closed this week, and many an Island parent has taken the family to northern ski slopes, southern sun, or simply a mainland vacation.

Those of us who remain enjoy our reduced numbers, note the closed cafes and coffeehouses, and take a walk on the winter beach by ourselves. Now March is here. Times will be busy again soon enough, soon enough indeed.


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