Joyce and Hugh McCormick write that on Dec. 3 they observed two dozen dunlin and one dozen sanderlings at Little Beach.

A western kingbird is the bird of the week. Ellie Fitzgerald and Allen Carey spotted one on Nov. 26 in the meadow adjacent to the Aquinnah Cultural...

The most intriguing bird of this week is the varied thrush seen in Dodger’s Hole in Edgartown by Ira Certner and Dorie Godfrey on Nov. 18.

There were easily 250 fish crows perched in the trees at Five Corners in Vineyard Haven shortly after dawn on Nov. 15.

For the third straight year snowy owls are again moving south in large numbers. As of yet, though, there have been no sightings on the Vineyard this...

Pretend that you are a migrating robin. You have just arrived at the Gay Head cliffs after a long migration flight the previous night.