When I moved to the Island 15 years ago for a summer job, everything I owned fit into the back of my 1989 Ford Taurus station wagon. 
Nothing is worse than the marine head. Although the bathroom or toilet enclosure is called the head, I am referring to the device with the seat...
When I mentioned the term victory garden to folks while researching this story, they either drew a blank or thought I was talking about the PBS...
My car, a weather-beaten 20-year-old sedan, began to die while I was on the way to picking up my wife, son and his girlfriend at the fast ferry.
This might be controversial. I’m going to talk about the behavior of couples on boats, and some readers may find my observations offensive.
Softball players at Flanders Field in Chilmark paid tribute last Sunday to Jerome Kohlberg, who died two weeks ago at the age of 90.
My Cape and Islands tour with my new film, Peter and John, has given me plenty to think about — and an abundance of stories to share.
Seventy years ago Saturday, World War II ended with the surrender of Japan. The other day I said to a middle-aged friend, “Saturday is V-J Day.” She...
I never really relax while underway in a sailboat. I’m constantly looking and listening for new sights and sounds.