The first cutting of hay is down on farm fields, another marker for the season at hand as the calendar flips from May to June.
This is the traditional lead-up to the weekend that marks the unofficial start of summer on the Vineyard.
When it comes to the Vineyard’s coastal ponds, the time has arrived to move from study to action.
One of the Island’s early conservationists said if the Vineyard environment is saved, it will come down to decisions made by individuals.
This spring has felt more like a prelude to winter than summer. The trees are just now beginning to leaf.
The simple act of planting a tree often symbolizes something long-lasting.
Some think growing up on Martha’s Vineyard is a ticket to easy street, nothing but day after day at the beach.
Like it or not, the Island is still very much a town-by-town place — slow to embrace change, defiantly independent.
Forty-six years ago today, the Vineyard marked the first Earth Day with a home-grown event.