My dad grows the best tomatoes. He drops them off for me in fruit boxes with padding in the bottom.
Our rabbits live in little cages made out of different odds and ends left around the farm. We have four cages with chicken wire covering...
About four years ago I was working on a landscaping project on a horse farm in West Tisbury. Word quickly spread around the farm that a horse had...
Being in love is like eating lobster on the beach as the sun sets over the ocean on a cool evening in July.
I live with my 97-year-old grandmother Rena in the farmhouse she bought with my grandfather in 1963, as a place for them to retire.
The best fishing trip I ever had took place about 10 years ago (my, I am getting old) in a canoe launched off of Lucy Vincent Beach.
chives garden
My family has learned how to express love through food. Maybe a little too heavily on the food side, and we are still learning to express...
hens coop eggs
Legend has it raccoons were brought to the Island as a front for hunters to, as they say, “jack” deer at night. As the story goes, if a...
chris fischer farmer
My first memories of making valentines are from my days going to school in Chilmark.