On behalf of the Chilmark Public Library I would like to pay tribute to Lillian Kellman, a dear friend of the library and the community.
Would whoever took the large whale bones from our property please return them to the driveway?
The Martha’s Vineyard Community Horse Center would like to again express our gratitude.
I am excited by the prospect of moving to Martha’s Vineyard and becoming an integral part of the Island community.
On Dec. 18, the Edgartown patrolmen’s association sponsored its annual senior fall feast, a sumptuous dinner offered free to Edgartown seniors.
The board of Plum Hill School and Island Waldorf community wish to extend heartfelt thanks to everyone that attended and organized our Elves Faire.
I want to thank Edgartown police and especially officer William Bishop who organized the wonderful dinner served to the elderly in December.
Mental illness not only affects the person who is ill, but their families and loved ones as well.
find myself less and less patient with the three-cornered discussion that has developed about the future of the Mill Pond.