Sundays at Flanders Field in Chilmark is where it happens. On June 21, the softball season begins again.
The prospect of writing a thank-you letter after a loved one’s funeral can be a daunting task.
The following letter was sent to the Edgartown planning board.
I am hoping my Island neighbors will donate blood on June 23, to help save lives and restock the much-needed supply of blood.
In the fourth paragraph of my letter to the editor in last week’s edition the word “with” was omitted in the following sentence.
Brava, Virginia Crowell Jones. Your op-ed piece Seasonal Economy Not a Sustainable Model (Vineyard Gazette, Friday, May 29) speaks my mind.
Conditions at the town-owned Dark Woods parking lot are anything but welcoming.
From Martha's Vineyard Center for Living, thank you to all the supporters and voters.
On May 31, the Martha’s Vineyard Hebrew Center hosted a fundraiser for the earthquake victims in Nepal. It was a wonderful success, selling out two...